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Meeting Schedule Back to Basic Group

Monday - Friday 12 noon - 1 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday 1 p.m. - 2 p.m.


All meetings Open Discussion except Tuesday (Big Book Study) and Thursday (Steps & Traditions).

Where: San Francisco de La Caleta Church, Coco del Mar, Panama
(behind Jimmy's Restaurant, opposite Atlapa Convention Center)


Contact us

T. Maria 6615-9141
Sharyar 6200-8032
Bobby 6676-2016


Breakfast Club

Meeting Schedule Breakfast Club
Monday - Friday      7:00 AM -   8:00 AM

Saturday - Sunday   8.00 AM -  9:00 AM


** COVID-19 Zoom meetings **

Meeting ID: 89154868658

Password: 1234

In-person meetings are closed until further notice.



Lidos de Iglesia del Carmen. The meetings will be held in the two floors building next to the Church in the first gate.



Hari 6056-7623 or Guille 6737-9762

Ancon Group

Zoom meetings


7:00pm - 8:00pm (Panama / USA Central Time) Every Day.

Zoom ID:      893808462

Password:    848797


In-Person Meetings (Ancon Group)

Monday   8:00pm -     9:00pm            AA Topic / Discussion Meeting (English)

Tuesday   8:00pm -     9:00pm            AA Topic / Discussion Meeting (English)

Wednesday 8:00pm -  9:00pm           AA Mens Meeting (English)

Thursday  8:00pm -    9:00pm            AA Big Book Study (English)

Friday       8:00pm -     9:00pm            AA Topic / Discussion Meeting (English)

Saturday   8:00pm -     9:00pm            AA Topic / Discussion Meeting (English)

Sunday     7:00pm -     8:00pm            AA Topic / Discussion Meeting (English)


Breakfast Club Meetings

Mon-Fri  7.00am - 8.00am                    AA Open Meeting (English)

Sat, Sun 8.00am - 9.00am                    AA Open Meeting (English)


Face-to-face meetings are subject to vaccinations and mask wearing.

(This is on the honor system as Ancon will not be the police department asking for ID)



Ancon/Balboa Building 758 across from Elementary School, at the bottom of Administration Building Steps and Goethals Memorial. Large tree in the side yard. Upstairs on the left side of building.


Contact us

Men (English & Spanish)

  • Raul - 66141513
  • Shariar - 62008032
  • Stewart - 69497511
  • Ed - 62197865
  • JBM - 62464767
  • Louie - 67478844

Women ( English / Spanish)

  • Isa M - 67316647
  • Carolina - 69822602

email: ancon@aapanama.org

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